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International Certification of Internet Specialization Course now Taught in Greece

The specialization as ‘Internet Website Promotion (SEO) Officer’ or ‘Website Optimization Technician’ – a new, sought-after expertise and high-paying specialization in the demanding field of Internet operations – will now be issued as an international certificate of knowledge by the ‘Athens Training & Development Center’ (AT&D). The experience through practical applications and the potential of networking opportunities in the market that are offered to graduates, create the appropriate conditions for direct job placement.

Mr Spiros Gianiotis, director of studies of AT&D explains: “In the Internet era, promoting services and products through the web is an integral part of sales and a condition of survival for every modern enterprise. The new reality creates the need for each business to be staffed with specialists in the area of Search Engine Optimization, that is website promotion and highlighting in search engines. This specialty is not taught in Greece, until today.”

With the aim of filling this big gap in the market, the AT&D Center, in cooperation with the reputable institution ‘Institute for Innovation and Creativity” of the American Community Schools, Athens, is already organizing afternoon, four-month learning courses to deliver the sought-after specialization. Lessons commence October 11, 2010. The certification is international and provides specialization in the techniques of promoting Internet websites.

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