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For the past 10 years we have trained individuals and companies on:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – the key to a successful site is content, for both the search engines and Internet users. If you own a website
WordPress – is the ideal content management system (CMS) to run a website or a blog. What ever the use, we teach you how to use and maximize its effectiveness so that your message reaches its goal.
E-mail Marketing – is the most powerful tool the Internet has to communicate with Internet users. It is said that it is the equivalent to face to face sales of the real world, if done properly. With our training you will learn how to build an effective mailing list, create successful email campaigns and the things you must avoid so your campaigns will have the best chance of reaching their target.
Social Media  – is nothing but the Internet trying to simulate real life using Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and many more. Anyone can join but few are able to make it a tool that will complement your Internet activities. We guide you all the way through creating a strategy and actually implementing.
Webinar Blueprint  – is a course with which you learn how to organize a webinar from scratch – starting by finding the right people to invite, the tools to use all the way to how to maximize its effectiveness. Webinars are better than events organized at a local venue and extremely cost effective versus TV ads.

All our training courses are conducted online, in real time and in small groups so we can ensure that all participants get the maximum out of the training, implement immediately and start getting a return on the time and money invested.

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