The Future Of Marketing Is eMarketing

For Who & Benefits

For Who And What Are The Benefits Of The eMarketing Program

High School (Lykion) Students
It provides college and university admission boards with insight into a students initiative, competency and commitment. It gives scholarship committees valuable information about a student’s motivation.

High School (Lykion) Graduates
Provides formal and practical knowledge required for those who want to start a career in the high in demand arena of eMarketing/Web Marketing.

SEO Specialists
The people who are hands-on day-to-day have the greatest impact on the success of your organic search marketing campaigns. Giving them the access to the ever-growing industry knowledge will continue to improve their effectiveness and your success.

PPC Specialists
Adding paid search campaigns to complement your other Internet marketing efforts will give you instant feedback that will benefit all marketing campaigns. Gaining greater knowledge of the major and alternative search engines will ensure that the most beneficial balance of paid search is achieved.

General Marketers
Marketers need to know how to work with search specialists to ensure the overall corporate marketing goals are integrated in each search effort. Understanding the language and the potential of this highly specialized marketing discipline will enable general marketers and search marketers to work more cohesively. The added benefit of taking lessons learned from SEO – such as incorporating the most successful keyword phrases – into other marketing materials will further help the company make informed marketing decisions.

To stay competitive, the advertising mix needs to include online advertising. Working with SEO and PPC specialists to gain perspective on messaging that is most effective online will help your overall advertising programs.

PR Professionals
Learn how to expand the coverage of releases and increase traffic to your Web sites. Learn how to utilize Social Media to promote your company, products and services.

Web Designers
The design and elements in a Web site all affect how easily a search engine will find your site.

IT often needs to make changes to code on Web sites. Unfortunately, some changes can inadvertently minimize or eliminate search marketing efforts that already have been completed. Before this common and costly error of miscommunication occurs at your company, have IT learn about search marketing.

Web Copywriters
In a world where “Content is King”, Copywriters need to retool their skills to fit the specific elements of search marketing.

Sales Professionals
Some of the most successful sales representatives utilize search to create leads and connect with prospects through social media and other methods.

Business Owners/Product Managers
Reinforce the investment of your Web site to generate more sales and generate greater brand awareness in a cost-effective manner.

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