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Internet Marketing Specialization Action Plan

Internet Marketing Specialization Action PlanThis is what we have:

 Athens Training & Development Center is the first to develop a robust training program on Internet Marketing. It is a completely hands on program. Each participant draws up a marketing plan, construct his/her own (pc and mobile device friendly) website and implements online and offline Internet Marketing (social media, SEO, etc.) – not theoretically – but real time, live and online!

What’s in it for you:

In a short four months you get all the knowledge you need to claim your position among Internet Marketers.

Our program is not theoretical – that is why we claim that, once completing the four courses of study, our participants are equipped to take on any and every Internet Marketing challenge and acquire a high in demand, well paid profession.

We have proof!!!
Our graduates for the past three years.

Those who have participated in our program either did it to:

  • strengthen their position in their existing work place
  • start a new career path
  • apply Internet Marketing in their existing company and take it to the next level

This is what you have to do:

Our registrations have started and are going fast.
Registrations officially close in 21 days but we anticipate that this will be much less in time.

So if you are interested in being ahead of everyone, give us a call at 2108001029 to arrange a meeting, but first check out our website.

Our program is one of a kind, and the results for our participants have no match.
Our graduates are the proof, with whom you can contact for personal testimonial!

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